Australian Shepherd Dogs

Koral Elvikam (Import Poland)

Sire: Ch Iron Rose Calais Carolina Doubloon (USA)  Dam: Ch Caufosca Dark Fire Petal
Hip Scores: 6:2.  Elbow Scores: 0:0
Sissor Bite, Full Detention

DNA Testing:
HC Clear,  CEA Clear, PRA & DegMy  Clear,  MDR1 Clear,

Radar is Full Tailed and Red Factored

Litters to Date:

  • 2019 – ‘A2’ Litter with Alfoxton Nigh On A Rumour
  • 2019 – ‘C2’ Litter with Alfoxton Prim & Proper
  •  2021 – ‘F2’ Litter with Alfoxton Nigh On A Rumour
  • 2021 – ‘G2’ Litter with Alfoxton River Song

Displays a strong steady temperament in different environments and this has followed on with his offspring . When we were involved in rehabilitating greyhounds of the racetrack Radar was the man who could run in the paddocks and teach the greys about how to be social. He would encourage the nervous dog to frolic and keep a steady head when presented with the reactive males. Currently living with our friend, Jack, he has also proved to be a real water dog, standing on the bow of the boat when sailing round the lakes.

Producing strong pigment and big boned pups who are outgoing and stead in the real world. His son Otto (Red Merle)  has also just become a father and there are a few of his girls who will join our breeding program in the near future. As he tends to throw large he is only recommended for bitches who are medium sized and more compact.

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