Sire: Sugargum Strike Force  -  Dam: Ngalla Tiponi
Boys: 1 Blue Merle Boy
Get Smart 'Cash'
Girls: 2 Black Tri and  1 Blue Merle 
Giget  -  Georgie Girl 'Banjo'  -  GoGo Dancer 'Indi'

Sire: Ellagant Life Othe Party - Dam: Ngalla Tiponi
Boys: 1 Blue Merle and 2 Black Tri
Hagar the Horrible 'Hagar' - Harpo Speaks 'Jazz' - Harry Houdini
Girls: 1 Blue Merle
Honey Pie 'Lilly'

Sire: Ch Stonehaven London Calling  -  Dam: Alfoxton Giget
Boys: 5 Black Tri
Ichabod Crane 'Archie' - Iggy Pop 'Ziggy' - I N Stein 'Albie' - Ignatius Jones 'Brin' Idaho Happy Joe 'Barker' 
Girls: 1 Black Tri
Isa Dorable 'Issy'

Sire: Poruse Ruff Diamond  -  Ngalla Tiponi
Boys : 1 Black Tri- Jabbah The Mutt  'Jabbah'
This was our first ever singleton litter. 

However Jabbah had the chance to get out and about with many other pups and dogs during his very early life. We learnt a great deal about how to socialise pups as early as 3 weeks.

Sire: Ch Poruse Elite Seal  -  Dam: Alfoxton Giget
Boys: 4 Blue Merle and 1 Black Tri
Knights Tale 'Pache' - Khe Sanh - Kings of Leon 'Pilot' - Kick Boxer 'Banjo' - Kung Fu Panda 'Alfie'
Girls: 1 Blue Merle
Killer Queen 'Amani'

Sire: Ch Poruse Elite Seal  -  Dam: Alfoxton Isa Dorable
Boys : 3 Black Tri and 2 Blue Merle
Little Foot 'Albie' - Lottery Ticket 'Kingston' - Let Zepplin 'Esky - Little Boy Blue 'Merlot' - Lightening Strike
Girls : 2 Black Tri and 2 Blue Merle
Luna Lovegood 'Luna' - Lucy Lawless 'Lucy' - Love to Chase 'Chase' - Licorice Allsorts

Sire: Alfoxton Icabod Crane - Dam: Ngalla Tiponi
2 Black Tri Girls and 1 Black Tri Boy
Marcus Mumford 'Perfy' - Myfwanny Muppet 'Lola' - Maggie May 'Zeva'

Sire:  Ch Alnairs The Guardian (Imp USA)  -  Dam:  Alfoxton Giget
Boys : 2 Black Tri and 2 Blue Merle
Ned Kelly 'Koda' - Nordic God 'Samson' - Ninja Turtle 'Kix' - Nonchalant 'Alfie'
Girls : 2 Black Tri and 3 Blue Merle
Novella 'Nova' - Nina Simone ' Indi' - Naughty Nurse 'Poppy' - Nigh Ona Rumour 'Rumour' - Nia Delyth 'Del' 

Sire:   Alfoxton Hagar The Horrible  -  Dam:   Alfoxton Killer Queen
Boys : 3 Black Tri and 2 Blue Merle
Outlaw Josey Wales 'Cooper'  -  Oriens Belt "Jasper'  -  Oliver Twist 'Dash'  -  Obe-Wan Kenobi 'Joel'  -  Oasis 'Murphy'
Girls : 2 Blue Merle
Onthe Night Bf Xmas 'Mintie'  - Ode To Joy 'Kenzie'

Sire: Poruse Elite Seal - Dam Alfoxton Giget

Boys: 1 blue merle
Alfoxton Quentin Tarantino 'Django'

Girls: 2 blue merle and 1 black tri
Alfoxton Quiet Earth 'Mosiac'
Alfoxton Quick Silver 'Pippa'
Alfoxton Queen of Spades 'Athena'

All pups are happily off to their new homes and Quiet Earth has been placed on Breeders Terms for a future litter.