Grooming An Aussie

Tips for Grooming

Aussies have double coats that are pretty much self-cleaning and just require some basic grooming to keep in good condition. The main area to regularly check for matting is behind their ears. The Aussie coats seem to come in a few different coat types.

Long and Silky – Some of our Aussies have long sleek outer coats which sit smooth against the body with only a light undercoat. These are definitely the easier coats to look after and in fact seem to be pretty easy to brush down and you can be a little bit lazy with these.
Short and Wavy – Others have short wavy outer coat and short thick undercoat – again fairly easy to brush out but some extra work to keep the undercoat under control. Take particular care with under the belly, between the legs and the feathers on the back legs.
Long and Thick – We have a few with a long sleek outer coat and a short thick undercoat, so dogs end up with a very full coat, making the dog look bigger than they really are. – These coats do need more brushing to keep in good nick and also need to use a long tooth comb to get thru parts of the coat.

WARNING – Aussies should NOT have a full body coat clip

The Aussie coat is designed to keep the sun and heat off their skin just as much as keeping the rain and cold out. However we have found that when it is very hot weather we sometimes do an underbelly clip and in-between the back legs. This type of belly clip seems useful with the Aussies that have the very heavy undercoat as it seems to keep them cooler and easier to look after. Sometimes, a slight trim with the clippers around their bottom and underneath the tail near their bottom also helps to keep them cleaner.

Hydro bath & Dryers are terrific for helping clean out the coat – although really only necessary perhaps 2 or 3 times per year – one thing to remember is that after a hydro-bath and blow dry this will loosen some of the coat, so remember to brush well for the next few days to help keep it off the furniture

Recommended Combs : The following 4 combs are great for Aussie Coats. (photo’s of combs not currently working)

No 1. Long tooth detangle comb that is great for feathering on legs and mane.
No 2. Short curved dematt comb to help cut out any matts built up under the ears, much easier and safer than trying to pull them out with normal combs or cutting with scissors.
No 3. Rake, comes in various sizes and styles, single double angled etc. These are great for general grooming
No 4. Double undercoat rake that also has adjustable teeth that can bounce in and out of the rake to suit the dog’s body shape. This rake is ideal for helping to strip out the fluffy undercoat especially when used regularly on the heavier coats.

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