Human/Dog Bond – The first 12 months

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Where to Start..

A puppy comes home to live with the family – so cute and so much fun… but what comes next ? …. You read articles and watch videos online, you bought some books from the experts, you seek advice from friends…. You may have started puppy school….. However the advice is often varied and confusing… “Pup must be obedient!”… “You must socialise your pup!”… “You must use treats to train!” …. “You must be the boss!” …. 

When you get involved with formal dog training there is more confusion.  Puppy school might be structured around Sit,  Stay and Recall or perhaps more a free for all play session – you might seek a private trainer who is then described as 100% Purely Positive or as a Balanced Trainer…. now many will describe themselves as Science Based.  They might suit but they might use methods that don’t work for you and your dog. however by the time your dog is 5-6 months you are getting frustrated…..  your dog won’t do what they are told…. they don’t come when you call… they jump up on everyone…. they steal food of the bench…etc…

Since 1974 when my first dog entered my life, I have always wanted my dogs to be my “Mate…  and really that is what most families want from their dog…. over the years I have learnt from everyone and many species… and usually it is the human that overcomplicates everything….

You want your dog to be your mate!…..Let me share my secret – and it is not complicated. In the first 12 months there are two main objectives.
1.  build the dogs confidence and
2.  develop a bond between dog and the family.

Lets build your dog’s self confidence….

They say with humans that we have about 7 types of intelligence…. But schools only teach perhaps 3 or 4. This means if you use any specific “method” it will suit some, but NOT others … these others are then left confused and reticent. The same happens in our dog world… We need to modify our approach to suit your dogs personality
Remember with any training, we do not change the dog… we only change behaviour. Understand your dog and accept your dog as they are… your dog might be a naturally quiet dog who is more reserved and needs time to relax in a new situation, hence any time you introduce a new person or place you need to give your dog some space, observe your dog and see when their curiosity starts to over ride their nervousness and seeks the chance to explore.

Aug 2020 currently working on document… be continued….


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