Prices & Conditions

Prices & Conditions

(as at 1st July 2021) (Prices shown are per day per dog)
Small/Medium – up to size of Border Collies, Aussie Shepherds (Generally under approx 22kg)
Large Breeds – AmStaffs, GSD, Labrador, Siberian Husky, Pointers etc.
Extra Large – All Mastiffs, Bernese MD, etc 

Dogs – OFF PEAK – 

Small/Medium – $40.00 per day desexed – $44.00 per day entire
Large/XLarge – $42.00 per day desexed – $45.00 per day entire

Dogs – PEAK SEASON – Xmas Dec/Jan (7 day minimum)  Easter School Holidays (5 day minimum)
Small/Medium – $42.00 per day desexed – note: we do not board entire dogs over the peak season unless they are regular guests
Large/X-Large $46.00 per day desexed – Limited spaces for large dogs over Peak Period

PUPPIES – We can accept vaccinated pups from 12 weeks of age – Please check for pricing as this may vary by breed and feeding requirements.

We provide a cheaper rate for desexed dogs as this fits in with our ideals for promoting good family pets. We feel this is of mutual benefit as we are providing these families with an extra incentive to have their pets desexed as well as it is easier for us to care and socialise your dogs when they are not entire.

Cats – All Year
Limited Spaces availabe but all cats at one price $16.00 per day

Operating Conditions

Opening Hours – Drop Off & Pick Up – By Appointment – We are NOT a large commercial business
Hence we do not: open all hours – we do not offer a delivery service

This is a small farm stay style kennel. – Were dogs have a chance to be dogs.

We do our best to work in with people who are catching planes or travelling from Melbourne up the Hume Highway. However this is also our family home and we ask that you respect our privacy and please ring to make arrangements for drop off and pick up times.

Drop off and Pick Up Times – (Consider that we all need personal family time)
Weekdays  : Mon to Fri – around 10 am OR 5 pm
Saturdays :   9-10.00 am Then closed…..
Sundays.      5-6.00 pm 

Bookings: To book in it is best to e-mail. You can also text or ring the mobile for queries or bookings.  
If we are busy with the dogs we might not answer the phone, hence you may need to call again…

Minimum Charge For Stays
2 days minimum fee is charged for all of the year.
5 day minimum fee for Easter
7 day minimum fee for Xmas School Holidays.

Not Available – We are a small facility and we aim to keep our charges lower by keeping our costs down. Therefore we take cash, we DO NOT TAKE CREDIT CARDS OR EFTPOS. Other payment options such as cash or direct debit can be made by prior arrangement. Dogs cannot be collected without full payment.

New Clients: To avoid having people dumping dogs ( Yes!… this has happened on a few occassions) we have now had to introduce a new policy. New clients must provide the following details : Drivers License to verify owner name and address as well as vaccination card with microchip number. New clients must pay for the stay up front in Cash Only – a $250 cash deposit may also be required for first visit regardless of the length of stay (refunded on collection of dog, less any outstanding costs).

Vaccination: Certificates required for dogs and cats as per the recommendation of the AVA (Australian Veterinary Association 2011). We also accept dogs that have proof of a recent titre test. C3 is absolute minimum for dogs. Ring or email if you have queries.

Medications: We have no hidden charges for playtimes nor do we charge if your dog / cat needs any oral medications or supplements you supply. Just ensure you have these packaged and labelled with your pets name and clear instructions.

Discounts: Are available for multiple pets or for stays of 21 days or over. However for long stay discounts you are required to pay a minimum of half the fee in advance. Ring Anne for details.

Wash & Dry: This is a farm stay environment… Where dogs can be dogs – They are not kept locked up indoors where they just sit on the bed and watch TV all day … they get to run out in the paddocks and have a great time, hence sometimes when you arrive the dogs might have just comeback  in to the pens and can be wet or a bit dirty … But this is quite normal for a dog –  If this does not agree with your philosophy there are many kennels who will cater to your desires.

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