Different Breeds

Some breeds are more ready to toilet train than others. In general German Shepherd Puppies can’t wait to move outside to toilet from a young age, whereas Jack Russell Terriers just nick behind a chair before you even realise.

Games Dogs Play

In the canine world there are games that dogs get to play with other dogs. These all involve dogs using their teeth and their feet and they are part of normal healthy play which helps wrestling, biting, chasing, grabbing and tugging are normal healthy play. These are games for dogs to play with other dogs.

For most families, the first point of contact for any dog advice is your Veterinarian. However a Vet is like your Human Doctor, they are a GP, their experience and training lies in medical welfare. They may offer wonderful advice, however, unless the Vet has specialised in animal behaviour (in particular dog behaviour) they should refer you on to a Trainer with the experience to help you develop further.

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