Dog Training

Learning the correct Social Skills creates a Fabulous Family Pet! Our objective is to help you develop your dog into a happy, well-adjusted pet. That is: a dog that can remain relaxed under different situations. Perhaps the most important skill for your pet is the ability to deal with dogs of all shapes and sizes. Social classes help to teach your dog how to work with you, even when other dogs are around as a distraction. Training is not just about Obedience and it doesn’t have to be hard work or boring. We use different options; It could be a group walk through the streets, or some trick training, perhaps a series of game activities where you can learn some basic agility. Sometimes on a hot summer evening we might just take the class for a group run around the dam paddock.

All Weather Training Arena

In 1995 when we commenced the training classes we had limited facilities but we have always been committed to the ongoing development of our school. We are very proud of the facility we have built over the years as now we have made training as easy as possible for families. From the large off street carpark to the disabled toilet for the convenience of the humans. For the dogs we have the large fully fenced sand arena and fun agility equipment for use of work and play. Ready for any type of weather we have also constructed the seperate training shed and floodlights allow for evening classes. We haven't finished yet, we still have more ideas and of course with 16 acres at our disposal we have loads of room to indulge.