It is common to think that any problems your dog may have can be training issues. For example: your dog shows signs of aggression towards dogs or people, perhaps he is nervous around new dogs and becomes worried when people arrive at your home. These issues are actually behavioural problems and will not be sorted by following some training program. Instead behaviour problems must be dealt with by improving your dog’s social skills.

Decisions to Make

Once you have your dog home the real work starts, this means we have to teach the dog boundaries so he can live comfortably in the home. The family need to make decisions as to what is allowed and what is not. So sit down and think about what makes you feel comfortable such as, Is the dog allowed on the couch? Is the dog allowed to eat food from the table? Is the dog allowed to jump up on you?

Understand the Difference!

This is a definite area that families can have trouble coping with, mainly because humans have trouble defining the difference between using Discipline and Punishment.

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