What Is A Pedigree Dog

Exploding the Myths? In the past if you wanted a dog there were a few options you could take.
1. You would hear about someone who had pups from an accidental mating.
2. Perhaps you would head down to the Lost Dogs Home or Rescue Centre and see if there are any dogs that might suit your lifestyle.
3. For some you have a particular breed in mind, so you would contact the Breed Club for information about the breed and get their latest puppy listings.

Now days with computers most people just google to find a dog. However with the nature of the wide world of web there is so much information and often these sources may not be entirely accurate and often even down right ridiculous.

One big issue that many pedigree breeders have to deal with is some of the myths that surround dog breeding. Social media has given a strong voice to every crackpot and idiot who loves to have their 15 minutes of fame and they speak loudly about the evils of the pedigree dogs.

There can always be breeds and breeders that have the problem of being judged by what problems might be appearing in with the backyarder and commercial breeders.

To help clarify it is worth understanding the terminology commonly used in the Pet Industry.


This dog has both parents; Sire (Father) and Dam (Mother) are of the same recognised breed – Example a Labrador puppy has both parents Labrador (of any colour).


A pure bred dog has registration papers from the official Kennel Control Body of the relevant country. Both parents must have registration to prove their heritage and pups can be eligible for showing and breeding through the Association.


There are also some breeds that may be waiting on Official Status. These breeds have not yet received approval by the relevant Kennel Control Bodies. These breeds instead have their own breed club that record the breed history and will work on a time frame to prove the breed’s consistency. A current example of this is the Australian Coolie or Koolie Dog.


A crossbred dog is a combination of different breeds. There can be two, three or even more breeds in the pup’s family tree. Example a pup may have one parent who is Spaniel/Terrier and the other could be a Labrador.


A description that has become popular within the pet market and often marketed as a breed in their own right. A Designer Dog is a Cross Breed where the parents are of different breeds. It does not matter whether the parents are pure breed or not, the offspring are Cross Breed. Example: a Labradoodle is a Labrador crossed with a Poodle – a Spoodle is a Spaniel crossed with a Poodle.


There is an old belief that animals of mixed breeding are healthier than those of pure breeding. This is usually referred to as – Hybrid Vigour. There is currently no real scientific evidence to support this concept, as cross bred dogs are just as prone to the health issues of other breeds.

The reality is, with Pedigree dogs we know what problems are possible and often there are health and DNA tests to check the likelihood of these traits. Hybrid Vigour is a myth.

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